PSP – the new handheld interactive entertainment console.

Target Audience

15-34 year old Asian/Arabic and other Muslim youth
Art literate contemporaries


To create a unique marketing strategy to compliment the European launch of the new Sony PlayStation console, PSP – PlayStation Portable. It was imperative to retain the inimitable Sony PlayStation reputation but to instil a sense of iconic brand/product for the PSP. It was important to move away from the traditional perception of the brand as a sole indoor activity aimed at a largely male youth audience. The brief was to broaden the market of interest to a new and previously unexplored market.


To herald the European launch of this product , we created a concept using the brand values of beauty desire and freedom, resulting in a contemporary Arabic calligraphy exhibition showcasing the talent of 14 young artists from UK and Europe.

Using the brand values of ‘Beauty’, ‘Freedom’ and’ Desire’, we set about creating a concept that would show iconic design, something that encompassed beauty, freedom and desire. We researched the market and audience, found artists able to marry the contemporary and traditional and commissioned artwork. We found a space that was in the heart of both the contemporary art world, the hub of new business and innovation and the heart of the niche market. After creating a brand identity for the show, we curated and designed the space, created the online tool of website, printed materials and branded merchandise.






Pictures and Press

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