Presstop Creatives is a creative marketing agency bridging the gap between the community and the brand in an interactive, innovative and exciting way. Working with the client to develop strategy that will enhance the brand and its products/services in an experiential form. Our work is unique in that it creates a large volume of column inches and takes the brand to the mass consumer, through the niche market.

Strategic Initiatives

To provide creative marketing solutions to brands recognising the need for and benefits to targeting niche markets.

Company Values

To operate with integrity, innovation, operating a style that stresses openness, communication, whilst always maintaining the integrity and ethos of both brand and community.

Distinctive Competencies/Differential Advantages

Able to communicate with communities through a wide network and is innovative in marrying niche market needs with brands by seeing the bigger picture.

Market Definition

Presstop Creatives is an unrivalled service putting your brand in the mouths of niche communities including cultural, youth and mass.


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