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O2 Music Player

Target audience

15-34 year old asian youth


To create a music- led vehicle to promote the clients new music player.  To try to leverage the market to view the product as a rival to other MP3 music players and alike.  It was important be able to show the product in action and entice consumers with the benefits of its functionality.  The brief set was to target the niche audience of British Asian youth, across the UK but it was consummate that the events created would compliment the clients summer programme of events.


As part of O2’s summer of music, we created 3 incredibly successful music events with performances from the cream of British Asian talent including Nitin Sawhney, Raghav and Jay Sean.

We used our contacts to target major Asian youth conurbations and find local promoters to create one off club nights featuring major Asian music talent.  We were able to attract the right performers and promoters and secure venues that were not only well known but reputable.

Each venue was branded in the same way, to the clients brand values and specific interiors were built specifically.

We had all artists available for PR and had available their catalogue on the music players for added kudos.

Collateral included, printed materials, flyers, posters, invites, wrist bands and photo inclusion via audience participation within the venue.






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