Product and Service

O2’s MMS service
O2’s XDA and XDA II

Target audience

15-34 year old Asian youth
Asian community
Cinema goers


To create a platform by which to showcase, both the launch of the XDA and XDAII into the mass market whilst promoting the use of MMS – picture messaging service.  It was important to show both product and service functionality in a way that was interactive with the proposed audience in a non – prescribed yet undiluted manner.  The audience that the client wanted to target was British Asian – of all ages, across the UK.


Our considered vehicle of choice was short film.  To turn consumer attention to this service we found 4 up and coming British Asian filmmakers to each make a 5 min short around language, communication and youth culture. We then negotiated screenings with the Cineworld cinema chain alongside a leading Bollywood blockbuster across the UK.

We conducted a nationwide search for up and coming directors, set briefs, held auditions and whittled the potentials down based upon their previous work, understanding of the brief and viability of their idea within the constraints of time and budget.  We also forged relationships with post production and print houses to secure favourable rates and sponsorship.



Drifting On The Wind
Maythem Ridha

The Family Portrait
Waris Islam

The Tardis
Stuart Bamforth /Rayna Nadeem

The Waiter
Nilesh Patel





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