To create an experiential brand enhancing event as part of an ethnic communications strategy.  As the client was launching itself as a brand the, same year, it was imperative that the ethnic communications strategy would enhance and stay in line with the client brand strategy.  The brief was to promote the SMS (tex messaging) service to a nationwide Asian audience and further, to a mass audience.


As part of O2’s re-brand and ethnic communication strategy we created and curated a photographic exhibition documenting British Asian youth from 1970-present day.  The exhibition contained newly commissioned work and SMS links to further information on the exhibition, artists and events surrounding the work.

We identified a way in which we could appeal to all Asian demographics, through audience participation.  We appealed for personal images to be sent in, via specialist media articles and adverts, so that the consumer cold really feel a part of the exhibition.

After extensive research we identified a select number of subjects and then images for inclusion.  We provided a history of events surrounding images and designed and built the gallery space, in line with client brand values but maintaining the independence of the exhhibiton.

Other supporting collateral included printed materials.





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