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Target audience

15-34 Asian youth
Asian community


To provide a platform, as part of the Ethnic communications strategy to create brand awareness amongst the Asian community across the UK.  The client already had a number of events created as part of a summer of O2.  Our brief was to maintain the 02 in the city elements by allowing all collateral created to be used and data captured but to a niche audience. It was also a requisite that the client had ownership benefits.


Also as part of the ethnic communications strategy for O2 we arranged partnerships with 7 of the leading Asian Melas across the UK, featuring artists from the worlds of Bhangra, pop and bollywood and resulting in over 500,000 atttendees from the target market.  We successfully negotiated naming rights, and a significant presence including a huge screen with live MMS.

All collateral created, including printed materials, on stage presence, banners and advert had significant brand presence and provided ownership benefits and huge brand awareness and product take up.





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