In 2006 Nitin Sawhney is performing a series of concerts around the world accompanied by a symphony orchestra, guest musicians, and the projection of a stunning Indian silent film.

This exciting project brings together Sawhney, one of the most influential and versatile creative talents alive today, with the 1929 Franz Osten film "A Throw Of Dice", Osten's
finest and most accomplished work. This jawdropping event is being produced by the British Film Institute and Fandango Films.

The project single-handedly creates a much needed opportunity for cultural exchange, not only between the musicians on stage, but within society itself, by bringing together film and live music in some of the world’s most formidable venues. This world-class concert series is unique, in that the score will be performed live alongside the film by the world’s leading orchestras and aimed at a culturally aware broad demographic of Sawhney fans, film buffs, and music lovers.

One of the key forces behind this project is Nitin Sawhney's unique ability to work with national orchestras and musicians from around the world. This will facilitate the cultural exchange of differing musical styles and will also be an inspiring learning process for both the musicians and audiences alike.

With an abundance of talent both on-stage and on-screen, the Throw of Dice live shows look set to turn the theatrical experience into a multi-dimensional live event.





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